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If you are facing plumbing issues that require immediate attention, you may need to find a drain repair engineer.

Septic tank emptying is a vital maintenance task for homes and properties that rely on septic systems for wastewater treatment.

DASA offers a prompt drain cleaning service to ensure a swift resolution to drainage issues.

Leak detection services are an important aspect of ensuring the integrity and safety of various domestic and commercial plumbing and heating systems.

Blocked drains are a common household issue that can lead to a myriad of problems if left untreated.

There are a number of ways to prevent frozen pipes this winter. Find out more here with DASA. 

Impact moling, also known as horizontal directional drilling or pneumatic piercing, is a trenchless technology used in underground construction and utility installations.

Septic tank services are critical for those who are not connected to municipal sewage systems and rely on a septic tank to dispose of household waste.

Lead pipe repair is a service which should be undertaken quickly and effectively to ensure the safety and integrity of plumbing systems are intact.

Moling is a trenchless method of installing underground utilities, pipes, and conduits with minimal disruption to the surface.

 If your supply pipe is made of lead, we would advise you to consider replacing it. DASA offers water supply replacement services.

The volume and cost of escape of water claims to the insurance industry continues to rise year on year. If you are suffering from leakages in your property, contact DASA.

Over time drains become clogged and damaged. If you are in need of help from a drainage repair company, contact DASA today.

If you are experiencing slow draining water or smelly overflowing drains, your drainage system may need cleaning. 

Drain gullies play a very important role in drainage systems and sewers. A drain gully is put in place to receive wastewater from all areas of a property; from toilets, kitchens and bathrooms to utility rooms, all waste water will flow through to the gully and be removed from the house.