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drain mapping

Drain Mapping

Drain mapping uses technology to accurately identify and plot the location and layout of your properties drainage system and its features. It is useful to have a drain map done before any building work is done to avoid any damage to your drainage system. 

Why is it important to have Drain Mapping done?

As with any building project, it is important to take any precautionary measures to avoid prolonging the process and paying for any issues that may arise. If you do not check your drainage system before building work, you may not be prepared to deal with flooding or other hazards that could happen.

Flood Risks and Environmental Planning

A drain mapping survey is essential for preparing flood risk management plans and managing the risks associated with chemicals or trade waste. By understanding the complete infrastructure of your drainage system, you can develop an effective response plan for emergencies such as fires, floods, chemical spills, or other incidents.

Businesses that discharge trade waste into public sewers, such as food, beverage, or chemical manufacturers, have both legal and environmental obligations to know the discharge points of their trade waste and ensure their drainage systems are in good condition.

Neglecting regular checks and maintenance of your drains can result in blockages or burst pipes, leading to flooding or, worse, cross-contamination of the water supply if there’s a chemical spill or sewage backflow from a blockage. 

What happens during a Drain Mapping survey?

During a drain mapping survey, an engineer assesses the drainage system using advanced tools and techniques. They employ CCTV cameras to inspect the interior of pipes, capturing detailed footage to identify blockages, leaks, or structural issues. 

The engineer will also create plans and survey sheets, documenting the layout and condition of the drainage network. This process includes locating manholes, pipes, and connections, and ensuring the system’s accuracy on maps. The gathered data is analysed to develop a comprehensive understanding of the drainage infrastructure, aiding in effective drain maintenance, planning, and emergency response strategies.

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