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How much does a drain survey cost?

How Much Does a Drain Survey Cost?

How Much Does a Drain Survey Cost?

If you are experiencing drainage problems in your home, dealing with it can be more complicated than it may seem. In this article, we will be looking at how much a drain survey costs and how it can be a useful service when getting to the bottom of a problem.

Whether you have just bought a new property, or are having issues in your long-term home, a drain survey can determine if there is a blockage or some sort of damage to the drains. Drain surveys are carried out by experienced professional camera engineers who can complete the survey within one day. After the survey is completed, the report you will receive will flag up any issues, if any, and then you will be able to contact a drainage engineer to solve the problem.


What is a drain survey?

A drain survey is an in-depth inspection of your home, or, a commercial properties drainage system. The specialised cameras are placed into the drains and fed through, providing a live feed of the drains. This is the most effective way of finding a blockage or damage within the full drainage system. It is highly recommended to get a drain survey done if you are buying a property, especially if it is an older property with old drainage systems. This is so you can rule out any future expenses once the purchase is completed. Often your local drainage company may not be able to offer a drain survey as they require hi-tech equipment used by experienced engineers.


How much does a drain survey cost?

On average in the UK, a drain survey is usually in excess of £100. Your local drainage company will often offer a basic drain survey, and a full drain survey. A basic drain survey could cost no more than £200 depending on the provider, and a full drain survey could cost anywhere from £350, again depending on the provider. Unfortunately, we often see quotes and invoices for much much more.


Why can the prices vary?

The cost of a drain survey can vary because of a number of factors:

  • Size of drainage system/ property
  • Complexity of the drainage system
  • Number of blockages
  • Type of blockage
  • Type of survey (Basic or full)
  • Location of the house


When is it time to get a drain survey done?

A drain survey isn’t something that needs to be done regularly. Some of the main reasons to get a survey done are:

  • If your home is regularly experiencing blockages
  • If you are planning to extend your house and would like a map of the drain and pipe systems
  • If you suspect there is a broken pipe
  • If a pipe needs relining and if you want to know the length/route of the drain

If you are experiencing drainage issues, and are in need of a drainage specialist, contact one of our specialists here at DASA. DASA engineers can be with you within 24 hours, meaning that you can be on your way to fixing the problem as soon as possible. By getting a drain survey done on your property, you may be able to save yourself unnecessary expenses in the future.