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Our approach is unique. We provide a completely transparent one stop solution for insurers and their customers.


Why is our approach unique?

We have established long relationships with our clients who have been with us since our inception. Customers and insurers like our no nonsense, transparent and highly knowledgeable service.

Our average customer satisfaction rating is 99%.

The claims process
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The DASA Hub

As DASA we want to give both our customers and our partners more. The introduction of the DASA Hub means that now customers and insurers have the opportunity to keep right up-to-date with a claim. They have full exposure to what’s happening and what they can expect for the next step.


The DASA Hub

What makes DASA different?

  • Transparency

    DASA’s holistic approach offers a fully-transparent and evidenced claim cycle from instruction to completion.

  • Owner Managed

    As an owner-managed business with direct control over our national offering DASA can make quick decisions and invest and develop with ease.

  • Technology

    We are passionate about technology and make huge investments, constantly innovating to improve our service.

  • Significant Savings

    DASA’s ‘one stop’ approach removes multiple suppliers from the process and ensures the lowest claim lifecycle in the industry.

  • Customer Satisfaction

    Our swift and effective service and highly professional team ensure that we constantly guarantee a high customer satisfaction rating of 99%

  • Training

    DASA provides insurance clients, employees and others i.e. loss adjusters with a tailored and bespoke approach to claims training though our 'DASA Academy' programme

  • Book your own appointment

    Our market leading Metrix claims management platform allows insurers and their customers to book, alter and track appointments via our online portal.

  • Self Survey

    Customers are able to submit a survey report from their home in minutes and at their own convenience, through our unique DASA customer portal.

  • Desk Topping

    We are able to manage claims quickly and effectively where the customer has already engaged the services of a drainage contractor enabling us to resolve the claim swiftly and effectively.


DASA is the first operator in the field of underground services to bring the Metrix™ claims management platform online. This unique and constantly evolving tool is bespoke to our needs and has become a vital tool in the management of our customers’ claim journey from first notification of the claim to fulfilment. DASA Metrix™ will be the system that our competitors aspire to for years to come.

Our Technology
From claim to close DASA Claims Management Specialists

From claim to close

Discover where DASA began all those years ago, and how we’ve developed to where we are today.

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