Off mains solutions

Off mains solutions. Bespoke, cost-effective and sustainable solutions for off mains supply and sewer systems.


Off mains experts

We are the off mains experts; we have developed innovative and bespoke solutions when dealing with challenging and difficult claims for all our customers.

Utilizing our network of experienced engineers, we are able to provide a complete end to end solution. Off mains drainage systems encompass any system other than the sewer network, which takes waste or stormwater away from a property and disperses or stores.

These systems are more common in, although by no means limited to, rural locations and can take a great many forms.

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Off main types

Utilising market leading technology to improve the customer journey

Our claims management system, Metrix™ provides an adaptable reliable platform from which we manage all claims.  Metrix has enabled us to streamline processes, offer complete transparency and ultimately improve the customer journey.

DASA Technology Metrix