Off mains solutions

Tailor made and cost-effective solutions for off mains and sewer systems.

Off mains experts

We are off mains experts, having developed innovative and tailor-made solutions for insurers and their customers.

Utilising our network of experienced field engineers – who identify and diagnose of off-mains drainage system problems, malfunctions and failures – we are able to provide a top-to-bottom service and the customer satisfaction for what can often be a very complicated job.

Off-mains drainage systems encompass any system other than the sewer network, which takes waste or stormwater away from a property and disperses (or stores). These systems are more common in, although by no means limited to, rural locations and can take a great many forms.

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Off main types

Utilising market leading technology to improve the customer journey

Our claims process uses market leading, technology Metrix™.

DASA was the first in the drainage industry to implement this fantastic resource which improves the customer journey, streamlines business processes, achieves greater efficiencies and ultimately enables business growth whilst reducing internal costs.

DASA Technology Metrix

Your claim at
YOUR fingertips

Our unique customer portal , enables our customers to track their claim and monitor progress quickly and effectively with full transparency.

The DASA Technology Timeline

"I'd like to thank your field engineers who have worked in horrendous conditions. Their work ethic, respect for me and the property, quality of work, communication, and all-round cheerfulness made the whole experience actually an enjoyable one. They're really quite brilliant at what they do."

Mr Howell