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Business Services

DASA provides a full range of drainage and plumbing services for commercial and business clients.

DASA are industry leaders in the provision of drainage, mains water, off mains and leak detection services. From investigation, repairs and installing, our team of experienced engineers complete packages of work for businesses at a cost effective, high standard.

We provide both emergency and preventative services for a variety of businesses. These businesses include leisure companies, housing associations, private landlords, property managers, estate agents and maintenance specialists.

Our Clients

  • Housing Associations

    Assisting not-for-profit organisations set up to provide affordable homes and support local communities.

  • Architects

    Implementing our services during new construction projects, alterations and redevelopments.

  • Leisure Companies

    Assisting in the development and maintenance of leisure facilities.

  • Surveyors

    Identifying structural damage and making recommendations to ensure minimal environmental damage.

  • Landlords

    Providing maintenance and mains water services to private landlords.

  • Facilities Management Specialists

    Working together to ensure plumbing systems are working harmoniously and sustainably.

DASA Services

DASA offers a wide range of services of investigation, repairs and installation to businesses. These services include:

What we do

  • Water Supply Services

    Including leak detection, site surveys, pipe rerouting, replacement and moling.

  • Drainage Services

    Including CCTV drain surveys, drain excavation, maintenance, drain unblocking and more.

  • Septic Tank Services

    Including septic tank inspection, cleaning and emptying, replacement and conversions.

  • Home and Property Emergency Services

    Including plumbing repairs, gas heating breakdowns, pest control, electrical repairs and more.

  • Environmental Services

    Includes forensic investigation, remediation, pollution containment and oil spill response.

  • Legionella Services

    Includes legionella monitoring and risk assessments, water sampling, system flushing and testing and cleaning and disinfection.

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First and Third Party Property Damage

  • First and Third party impact

    Includes assessment of property damage and costs related to any damage of houses, walls, roll shutters and doors.

  • Highway Infrastructure

    Assessment of any damage to highway infrastructure such as light stands, barriers which then will lead to negotiation with local authorities.

  • Project Management

    Specifying, procurement and contract administration.

  • Commercial Property

    Assessment of damage and any potential risks with pre/post works condition reporting.

  • Estimate validation

    This includes negotiation and agreements with third parties on scope on work and any incurring costs.

  • Recoveries

    Costs and expenses associated with any property damage or remediation.

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