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Onsite Equipment

We invest in market leading on site technology to further enhance and improve the service that we provide.


The equipment we use

  • Kobus Pipe Puller

    The Kobus Pipe Puller removes old water supplies, with only two small excavations required. This hugely reduces the potential for disruption for the customer and the time taken.

  • Ferret Technology

    The Ferret Leak Locator makes detecting and fixing leaks simple. Using hydraulics, the Ferret Head moves through the leaking water pipe and stops in its tracks when it detects the leak. This allows us to pinpoint the exact location within millimetres, with no unnecessary digging.

  • Ditch Witch Trenching Machine

    Ditch Witch trenching equipment brings another dimension and method to trench excavation. This small plant solution to lengthy linear trench excavation allows us to automate the process, reducing the cost of manual labour whilst simply and easily maintaining a uniform trench into which apparatus can be laid.

  • AccuPoint Advanced ATP

    The AccuPoint Advanced  ATP testing process rapidly measures actively growing Microorganisms through detection of aderiosive triphosphate allowing rapid bacteria detection 

  • The Sewerin Carbiphon Plastic Pipe Locator

    Makes the process of locating & Tracing plastic and non-metallic water supplies less problematic.

  • Flir E6 Thermal Imaging Camera (Thermography)

    E.O.W & moisture can be detected by plotting the temperature change of surfaces as well as hot & cold water pipes against the ambient temperature of the surrounding area and can  be conclusive in diagnosing leakage & dampness issues.

Dasa 5 "The entire experience of DASA has been a positive one. What a comfort to know that one is dealing with a professional firm! A very long number of years has elapsed since I last experienced this, thank you so much."