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DASA Technology Timeline

Advanced technology to manage the complete claims lifecycle

Our claims management system is completely integrated, transparent and provides our office based team, engineers, insurance clients and  customers a real time window into what is happening with the claim.

The system enables us to provide all insurance clients with real time MI on agreed SLA’s, spend and other key KPI’s. It also enables us to deliver regular and detailed MI providing real insight for clients on the details of their claim book.

Technology on the field

We use mobile technology on site enabling field engineers  to send all information directly to our technical team back at head office. We work with leading technology including itouch and eviid, we are able to live stream from site to the office liaising directly with our technical team.  This enables us to make decisions on the next course of action immediately, reducing the life of the claim, driving down costs and improving the service to the customer.

This technology also ensures that information is captured, validated and saved through the MetrixTM system, providing detailed evidence and reasoning behind our decisions should we require it.

DASA iTouch System

Client Portal

Empowering your claims teams with our cutting-edge technology.

Our client portal has been created to ensure that your claims handlers have all the information that they require, relating to a claim quickly and efficiently. It provides a platform for our customers to access detailed, immediate and transparent information with ease.

DASA Technology Metrix

Customer Portal

Easily accessible information with complete transparency for your customers

Our DASA customer portal, provides a platform to enable your customers to obtain details of their claim without the need to call.

This provides a higher quality of customer service, as customers can easily find information relating to their claim via the portal or get in touch using the messaging function.

The DASA Technology Timeline