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Water Supply Pipe Repairs

If you think that there is a damaged water supply pipe in your home, DASA are the drainage experts to assist you. Water supply pipe repairs are essential to ensure uninterrupted and safe access to clean water.

Water Supply Pipe Repairs

Water supply pipes are responsible for transporting water from the main supply to households, commercial and industrial buildings. These pipes can suffer damage over time due to several reasons such as corrosion, ground movement, and freezing temperatures. If a water supply pipe is damaged, it can cause significant inconvenience to the occupants of the building. Water supply pipe repairs are, therefore, critical to restoring normal water supply and preventing water damage to the property. One of our drainage experts here at DASA can identify causes of damage and recommend the most appropriate repair solution.

There are various methods of water supply pipe repairs:

One common method is excavation, which involves digging a trench to access the damaged pipe. The damaged section of the pipe is then replaced or repaired, and the trench is filled in afterward. This method can be time-consuming and disruptive to the property, especially if the pipe is located in a difficult area.

Another repair method is trenchless pipe repair, which involves repairing the damaged section of the pipe without digging a trench. This method is less disruptive and quicker than excavation and can be an ideal solution for pipes located in challenging areas. This technique is also common when undergoing lead pipe replacement.

Water supply pipe repair services by DASA can also provide you with preventative maintenance to ensure the longevity of your water supply pipes. Regular inspection and maintenance can identify potential problems early, preventing significant damage and expense to the pipe and property.

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    • Site Investigations

      Our site investigation processes and technologies are supported by the same market-leading, live site reporting options as our drainage teams. This means that we are able to share image, video and audio files between field and review engineers in seconds, greatly reducing the traditional lag-time between attendance, decision and next steps.

    • Reporting

      DASA engineers attend a property within 24 hours, fully equipped to undertake a variety of non-invasive investigation techniques in the first instance. This might include electro-acoustic ground microphones, tracer gasses or thermal imaging cameras depending on the scenario presented on site.

    • Remedial Works

      DASA utilise numerous mains water replacement and repair technologies which enable us to isolate and repair targeted sections with the absolute minimum of above-ground disturbance. This includes, moling and pipe-pulling systems which eliminate the need for traditional trench excavations in many cases.