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thermal imagery leak detection

Thermal Imagery Leak Detection

Thermal imagery leak detection is a cutting-edge technology used to identify and locate leaks in various systems and structures by capturing and analysing the heat patterns emitted from them.


What is Thermal Imagery Leak Detection?

Thermal imagery leak detection is a cutting-edge technology used to identify and locate leaks in various systems and structures by capturing and analysing the heat patterns emitted from them. It has proven to be an effective and efficient method of detecting hidden leaks that are often challenging to identify through conventional means.

The principle behind thermal imagery leak detection lies in the fact that temperature differentials exist between leaking substances and their surroundings. When a leak occurs, such as in pipes, roofs, or even industrial equipment, the leaking substance typically has a different temperature than the surrounding environment. Thermal cameras, equipped with infrared sensors, detect these temperature variations and convert them into visual representations called thermograms.

Thermograms provide a clear picture of the heat distribution in an area of interest, allowing technicians and professionals to identify potential leak sources. By analysing the thermal images, they can pinpoint the exact location of the leak and take necessary measures to rectify the issue promptly. Thermal imagery leak detection has applications in a wide range of industries, including oil and gas, plumbing, electrical, building maintenance, and more.

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    The Benefits of Thermal Imagery Leak Detection

    The benefits of thermal imagery leak detection are numerous. First and foremost, it allows for non-destructive and non-intrusive inspection, eliminating the need for extensive teardowns or invasive techniques. This not only saves time and costs but also minimises disruption to operations. Additionally, the early detection of leaks helps prevent further damage to equipment, structures, or the environment, reducing the risk of accidents and improving overall safety.

    Furthermore, thermal imagery leak detection is highly accurate and reliable, providing objective and quantitative data. It can detect even small temperature variations, making it suitable for identifying minor leaks before they escalate into major issues. The technology is also capable of capturing real-time images, enabling immediate action to be taken to mitigate the leak.

    Thermal imagery leak detection is a powerful tool that revolutionises the way leaks are identified and addressed. Its ability to visualise temperature variations and locate leaks swiftly and accurately has made it an indispensable asset in various industries. By leveraging this technology, organisations can enhance their maintenance practices, improve efficiency, and reduce the risks associated with leaks, ultimately saving time, money, and valuable resources.

    If you are experiencing leaking with your drains, we highly recommend you use a leak detection service to find out the root of the problem. Get in touch with a member of our specialist staff today and they will be happy to put you in touch with a local engineer. DASA has a fully trained and experienced team of engineers who offer leak detection services and can quickly and effectively provide solutions.

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    How we get it right for you

    • Site Investigations

      DASA field engineers will attend at the property properly equipped to undertake a variety of non-invasive investigation techniques in the first instance. This might include electro-acoustic ground microphones, tracer gasses or thermal imaging cameras depending on the scenario presented.

    • Reporting

      We are able to live stream and share images, video and audio files immediately field for review by one of our internal engineers in seconds. A decision can be made without delay and actions and next steps agreed whilst on site with the customer.

    • Remedial Works

      We have multiskilled engineers who are able to remove and reinstall all the plumbing and electrical infrastructure necessary to find and fix the problem. Our multi trade teams and specialist restoration network means we can offer a complete end to end solution. With a focus on restoration and sustainability we can resolve all issues with the minimum of disruption and inconvenience to the customer whilst at the same time maintain a focus on cost.

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