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Off mains solutions

Bespoke, cost-effective and sustainable solutions for off mains supply and sewer systems.


Off mains experts

We are the off mains experts; we have developed innovative and bespoke solutions when dealing with challenging and difficult claims for all our customers.

Utilizing our network of experienced engineers, we are able to provide a complete end to end solution. Off mains drainage systems encompass any system other than the sewer network, which takes waste or stormwater away from a property and disperses or stores.

These systems are more common in, although by no means limited to, rural locations and can take a great many forms.

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    Off main types

    • Septic tanks

      An installation which takes foul waste from a property and subjects it to ‘passive’ treatment and separation, generally via a two-stage tank located within the property. The liquid will be output to a soakaway, drainage field or watercourse whilst the solid component is retained within the tank and emptied, generally annually.

    • Sewage treatment plant

      This type of installation ‘ramps up’ the treatment of the waste in the tank by the addition of an active aspect to the treatment process, where the waste in the tank agitated accelerating and improving the treatment of the waste held in the tank.

    • Cess pit

      A cess pit is quite simply a holding tank into which foul waste enters and is then held pending routine emptying, generally several times a year.

    • Soakaways & drainage fields

      Soakaways and drainage fields are a type of outfall point which can service either a septic tank or a sewage treatment plant, but may also simply allow storm or roofwater to discharge to ground. These take a huge variety of forms, and the identification is an integral part of the DASA test and investigation process.

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    Our claims management system, Metrix™ provides an adaptable reliable platform from which we manage all claims.  Metrix has enabled us to streamline processes, offer complete transparency and ultimately improve the customer journey.

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