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Leisure Facilities

Customers are now utilising leisure facilities more than ever. That is why here at DASA we know how important it is to keep your business running smoothly. With customers using showers, swimming pools, spa and toilet facilities every day, you will want to ensure that your drainage systems are in full working order to keep up with the constant demand.

Drainage Services for Leisure Businesses

We know how unpleasant and inconvenient drainage problems can be, which is why DASA offers maintenance, preventative and emergency appointments. DASA has experienced engineers who can offer drainage services which will decrease the likelihood of these issues in the long run.

Our experienced engineers offer drainage and pump services for the leisure management sector, including:

CCTV drain survey

The benefits of DASA’s drainage services

From unclogging shower traps and sinks, to clearing blocked toilets and swimming pool tanks, DASA can quickly and efficiently deliver high quality drainage services to ensure that your drainage system is working effectively. 

To limit the chance of needing emergency services, our engineers can create pre planned maintenance packages so that any issues can be detected and dealt with; eliminating the possibility of  them getting worse. This reduces the chance of any disruption happening during working hours. By having preventative maintenance in place, you can have drainage systems checked at times when customers are not present, benefiting everyone.

blocked drains

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    • Site Investigations

      Our site investigation processes and technologies are supported by the same market-leading, live site reporting options as our drainage teams. This means that we are able to share image, video and audio files between field and review engineers in seconds, greatly reducing the traditional lag-time between attendance, decision and next steps.

    • Reporting

      DASA engineers attend a property within 24 hours, fully equipped to undertake a variety of non-invasive investigation techniques in the first instance. This might include electro-acoustic ground microphones, tracer gasses or thermal imaging cameras depending on the scenario presented on site.

    • Remedial Works

      DASA utilise numerous mains water replacement and repair technologies which enable us to isolate and repair targeted sections with the absolute minimum of above-ground disturbance. This includes, moling and pipe-pulling systems which eliminate the need for traditional trench excavations in many cases.