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100% transparency

With the customer at the heart of everything we do, throughout the life of the claim.  We work with customers to develop and deliver the best possible solutions within the insurance industry. 

Our approach to claims management 

Our claims management process complements and supports the technical and on-site solutions that we offer our customers. Claims are dealt with as quickly and in the most cost effective way as possible.

DASA offer an end to end claims management solution from initial notification of loss to investigation, diagnosis and completion of the claim.

We provide a dedicated customer care advisor who manages the customer journey throughout. Customers are also able to access their claims through our portal at any stage, we provide complete transparency on all aspects of their claim.

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    How we get it right for you

    • Claim profiling

      We complete a one-to-one ‘interview’ with each customer on receipt of their claim. This enables us to gather, not only the facts surrounding the events at the property, but also the physical, geographical and topographical realities of the site before our field engineers arrive. It helps us identify and vulnerabilities and special requirements so when we arrive on site we are good to go.

    • Metrix

      DASA uses leading claims management system Metrix™ . This unique and constantly evolving tool is bespoke to our needs and has become a vital tool in the management of our customers’ claim journey from FNOL to fulfilment. DASA Metrix will be the system that our competitors aspire to for years to come.

    • State of the art equipment

      DASA’s commitment to investment means that we are always looking to expand and improve the technology we use on site and back at the office. If your DASA engineer doesn’t have the equipment, it’s not the right equipment for the job.

    With the customer at the heart of everything we do, throughout the life of the claim, we deliver the best possible solution to the insurance industry.