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Toilet Unblocking

Toilet Unblocking Services

Toilets can often get blocked, when this occurs our team is here to help. We can clear the blockage for you quickly and effectively, ensuring your toilet is back to working order in no time. If you are in need of toilet unblocking services by a professional provider, DASA is here to help. When a toilet becomes blocked, it can lead to unpleasant smells, unsanitary conditions, and even health hazards. Having a blocked toilet can also cause damage to the plumbing system, which can be costly to repair.

How DASA can help

Toilet unblocking usually requires a range of tools and techniques. One of the most common tools used is a plunger, which is used to create suction and dislodge any blockages in the toilet bowl. For more stubborn blockages, experts at DASA may use specialised equipment such as a drain snake, which is a flexible tool that can be fed through the toilet to dislodge any blockages further down the pipes.

In addition to physical tools, DASA may also use chemicals to help dissolve any blockages. However, it is important to note that not all chemicals are safe for use in toilets, which is why it is recommended that only knowledgeable experts use chemicals that are specifically designed for this purpose.

We can help with your plumbing issues

Here at DASA, our toilet unblocking experts will aim to be with you ASAP after first contact, as we know that blocked toilets can be a major inconvenience and can occur at any time. We do also offer emergency call-out plumbing services, which means that one of our engineers can be at your property within a short amount of time to help resolve the issue.

It is important to choose a reputable plumbing service when you are finding someone to unblock your toilets, so that you know that the issue has been resolved effectively. This is important in ensuring that toilets remain working in good order and free from any blockages.

Whether you are experiencing a minor blockage or a major plumbing emergency, DASA can help to resolve the issue quickly and efficiently, minimising the risk of damage and ensuring that your toilet is back in working order as soon as possible.

Drainage issues can be frustrating and worrying

No matter if your drainage issue is an emergency situation or a routine check, DASA is here to help. We can help unblock toilets and drains quickly. Get in touch with one of our dedicated experts today who are always happy to help and advise the best solution for your problem. Contact us today on our contact form or give us a call on 0800 142 2783.

    • Site Investigations

      Our site investigation processes and technologies are supported by the same market-leading, live site reporting options as our drainage teams. This means that we are able to share image, video and audio files between field and review engineers in seconds, greatly reducing the traditional lag-time between attendance, decision and next steps.

    • Reporting

      DASA engineers attend a property within 24 hours, fully equipped to undertake a variety of non-invasive investigation techniques in the first instance. This might include electro-acoustic ground microphones, tracer gasses or thermal imaging cameras depending on the scenario presented on site.

    • Remedial Works

      DASA utilise numerous mains water replacement and repair technologies which enable us to isolate and repair targeted sections with the absolute minimum of above-ground disturbance. This includes, moling and pipe-pulling systems which eliminate the need for traditional trench excavations in many cases.