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We are featured in the March edition of the BDMA magazine 

We are featured in the March edition of the BDMA magazine


How can the damage management industry help to raise awareness of current sustainability practices?

The damage management industry has gone some way in developing products and implementing processes to help create a more sustainable future.

There are still, however, many challenges in providing solutions with one eye on the ecological impact. We want to reduce the impact on the environment but we want to do this cost effectively.

Over the past 12 months at DASA, we have worked on a campaign to ensure we find solutions for our clients that, as we say, ‘don’t cost the earth’. We’ve trialled innovative products and tried to think outside of the box for our clients, assisting them in developing cost effective, environmentally friendly solutions.

Our technical team travel the length and breadth of the country looking at innovative options that can enhance our sustainable credentials. Some have worked, others haven’t. We are passionate about ensuring we trial these products fully to either rule them out or introduce them into our services.

We believe that if the industry collaborates and shares ideas together, this will go far in raising awareness of sustainability practices, encouraging others to follow suit.


What should be the top sustainability measure that businesses in the industry should adopt?


Just thinking more about how to be more sustainable is key here. It doesn’t have to be changing your whole business model (at first anyway!).

There are many practices that businesses can adopt quickly and effectively. One of the first areas we looked at was ensuring that all of the cleaning products we use are eco-friendly, biodegradable and, where possible, plant based. This had a significant impact on our sustainability credentials but wasn’t particularly difficult or expensive to coordinate.

From there, it’s about putting a plan in place to ensure that you are always thinking about how your business and its operations can be more sustainable, and talking to your clients and your peers to work together to achieve a common goal.