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cost to unblock a drain

How Much Does it Cost to Unblock a Drain

If you are currently experiencing drainage issues on your property, it may be time to contact drainage experts which can quickly identify where the blockage is. The cost to unblock a drain can be completely dependent on the severity of damage to the drainage system. If left blocked, drainage systems sometimes are completely out of action from just one blocked drain. This can put your bathrooms and kitchens out of use which is impractical for day to day life.

The drain unblocking experts

This is where DASA can help. Our experts have the experience and knowledge to resolve blockage issues across domestic and commercial properties. From drain clearing (inc blog link), drain installation, drain unblocking and many more services. Our engineers will have your issues identified as soon as possible so that you will be able to use your toilets, showers and taps working as normal again.

With advanced drainage equipment and tools to identify drainage issues, DASA can find any blockage but also identify any area of concern with services such as CCTV drain surveys (inc link). By carrying out a CCTV survey, our experts can locate any issues within the day and solve the problem. This provides extra peace of mind, knowing that there should be all issues identified and resolved from one appointment.

So, how much does it cost to unblock a drain?

The cost to unblock a drain will include the call out charge of the engineer. There is never a set cost to unblock a drain as there will usually be other services included to identify the cause, such as a CCTV survey, and then there may be other services needed such as drain clearing or repairs. If the drain blockage is only minor, you can expect costs of £80-£100 plus labour, whereas larger blockages may cost around £150-£200.

Overall, prices will always depend on the difficulties involved and the location of the issue. Having a blockage in a large drainage system which is harder to get to may incur more costs. Using our 40 years of expertise, you will get complete assurance that our work is carried out to the highest standard. We will show you exactly what has caused the blockage and assist you in maintaining your drains in the future.

If you are experiencing blocked drains, and are in need of a drainage specialist, contact one of our specialists here at DASA. DASA engineers can be with you within 24 hours, meaning that you can be on your way to fixing the problem as soon as possible. By getting a drain survey done on your property, you may be able to save yourself unnecessary expenses in the future.