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Environment Agencies approach to Storm Christoph


Our MD and founder Darryl Gartley discussed the Environment Agency’s recent approach to Storm Christoph.

In the build-up to and during the recent flooding, as a result of Storm Christoph, the Environment Agency’s execution of an emergency plan including the construction of additional flood defences in preparation for a large-scale weather event, has without doubt prevented or greatly minimised thousands of properties from becoming overwhelmed with flood water. This has ensured that devastation to communities has been reduced at a time of great struggle for many as a result of Covid19.

From what I’ve seen and following many years in the industry, I believe that not much more could have been done in the build-up to storm Christoph.

I would therefore like to take this opportunity to thank the Environment Agency and all the responders involved in preventing what could have been the tipping point for so many people!