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gully cleaning

Gully Cleaning

Gullies which drain water off roads often become clogged by environmental factors such as dirt, debris and tree roots. They can also become blocked by things such as oil, fat and litter which can cause roads and pavements to flood. It is important for gullies to be regularly cleaned to avoid flooding happening, especially during seasons which are expected to have harsher weather conditions. 

Why gully cleaning is important

Drain gullies play a very important role in drainage systems and sewers. A drain gully is put in place to receive wastewater from all areas of a property; from toilets, kitchens and bathrooms to utility rooms, all waste water will flow through to the gully and be removed from the house. 

Drain gullies are most commonly located outside of the property, near either the front or back door. If blockages are to happen, this can cause the gully system to fail and cause a lot of hassle, mess and expense. You will often be able to tell that there is a blockage if there is a bad smell around the property, or if there are leaks happening either inside the house, or outside. If left untreated, the buildup of debris will only get worse and cause more issues. Ensuring that your gully is regularly maintained and cleaned will decrease the chances of any blockages or damage happening in the long run.

What can you do yourself at home to avoid blockages?

During certain seasons of the year, you are more likely to discover blockages in your gully. For example, in autumn, debris such as fallen leaves, branches and flower heads can be main culprits for blockages in the system. Sometimes, you will be able to resolve this yourself if you can locate the area of the blockage. If not, it is highly recommended to contact a professional so that no damage is made before harsher weather conditions begin.

If you have removed debris but are finding that there is still an unpleasant smell, then this is a telltale sign of something else, or a blockage further on in the drainage system. This is when it is time to contact an expert to find and solve the issue.

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