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leak detection services

Leak Detection Services

Leak detection services are an important aspect of ensuring the integrity and safety of various domestic and commercial plumbing and heating systems. Detecting leaks promptly is essential to prevent environmental hazards, property damage, and potential health risks. The advanced technology DASA uses significantly enhances the efficiency and accuracy of our leak detection services.

What should I do if I think there is a water leak?

If you think that there is a water leak somewhere in your property, you should ensure that you turn off your water supply. By turning off the water supply, you can prevent further leakage and damage. The next step is to let your insurer know and contact a leak detection specialist, such as DASA, to locate where the leak is coming from.

What do leak detection services cover?

Leak detection services do the following three things to solve and fix a leakage:

  • Detecting the source of a water leak
  • Exposing the leak in order to access it
  • Restoration and recovery for damage caused in the access process

What are the different types of leak detection services that DASA offers?

Tracer Gas Leak Detection:

Tracer gas leak detection is used when leaks are hard to detect. Hydrogen, or nitrogen, tracer gas is set off into the pipe with the suspected leak issue using a cylinder of gas. The tracer gas that is used is completely safe as it is a combination of 5% hydrogen and 95% nitrogen, meaning that it is safe to use for drinking water pipes as it is non-toxic and non-corrosive. Once the tracer gas has been put into use, the hydrogen will exit the leak point and be detected by the highly sensitive gas detector.

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Infrared Leak Detection

Infrared leak detection is used to locate leaks in various systems and equipment. The process of infrared leak detection involves using an infrared camera or thermal imaging device to scan the area or equipment for abnormal thermal patterns. When a leak occurs, it often results in a temperature differential between the leaking substance and its surroundings. This temperature difference creates a distinct thermal signature that can be detected by the infrared camera.

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Thermal Imagery Leak Detection

Thermal imagery leak detection is a cutting-edge technology used to identify and locate leaks in various systems and structures by capturing and analysing the heat patterns emitted from them. When a leak occurs, such as in pipes, roofs, or even industrial equipment, the leaking substance typically has a different temperature than the surrounding environment. Thermal cameras, equipped with infrared sensors, detect these temperature variations and convert them into visual representations called thermograms.

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Acoustic Leak Detection

Acoustic leak detection is a method used to identify leaks in various systems by analysing the sound waves generated by escaping fluids or gases. The basic principle behind acoustic leak detection is that when a fluid or gas escapes through a small opening or crack, it creates vibrations and acoustic waves that can be detected and analysed.

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Regular maintenance with leak detection services

Regular maintenance and inspection protocols are equally crucial in leak detection. Periodic checks, routine inspections, and proactive maintenance contribute to the early identification of potential vulnerabilities, reducing the likelihood of leaks occurring. By ensuring that your drainage system is maintained, you can save yourself inconvenience and any unnecessary expense in the long run.

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