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leak detection specialist

Leak Detection Specialist

A leak detection specialist is an important contributor to ensuring the integrity and safety of various domestic and commercial plumbing and heating systems. Detecting leaks promptly is essential to prevent environmental hazards, property damage, and potential health risks. The advanced technology DASA uses significantly enhances the efficiency and accuracy of our leak detection specialists.

What should I do if I think there is a water leak?

If you suspect a water leak on your property, be sure to shut off your water supply promptly to prevent additional leakage and potential damage. Following this, inform your insurance provider and reach out to a leak detection expert, like DASA, to pinpoint the leak’s origin.

What do leak detection specialists cover?

Leak detection specialists perform the following three tasks to solve and fix a leakage:

  • Detecting the source of a water leak
  • Exposing the leak to access it
  • Restoration and recovery for damage caused during the access process

What are the different types of leak detection that DASA specialists offer?

Tracer Gas Leak Detection:

Tracer gas leak detection is employed in situations where detecting leaks proves to be difficult. A gas cylinder is used to introduce hydrogen or nitrogen tracer gas into the suspected leak area within the pipe. This tracer gas, comprising 5% hydrogen and 95% nitrogen, is entirely safe, rendering it suitable for drinking water pipes as it is non-toxic and non-corrosive. After the tracer gas is introduced, hydrogen exits the leak point and is identified by the exceptionally sensitive gas detector.

Infrared Leak Detection:

Infrared leak detection is utilised to pinpoint leaks in diverse systems and equipment. This method entails employing an infrared camera or thermal imaging device to survey the area or equipment for unusual thermal patterns. Leaks typically cause a temperature contrast between the leaking substance and its surroundings, forming a unique thermal signature that the infrared camera can detect.

Thermal Imagery Leak Detection:

Thermal imagery leak detection employs advanced technology to pinpoint leaks in different systems and structures by capturing and examining the heat patterns they emit. In instances of leaks, like those in pipes, roofs, or industrial equipment, the leaked substance often differs in temperature from its surroundings. Thermal cameras, outfitted with infrared sensors, identify these temperature fluctuations and translate them into visual displays known as thermograms.

Acoustic Leak Detection:

Acoustic leak detection is a technique employed to detect leaks in diverse systems by analysing the sound waves produced by escaping fluids or gases. When a fluid or gas escapes through a minor gap, it generates vibrations and acoustic waves, which are then detectable and analysable.

Regular maintenance with leak detection specialists:

Consistent maintenance and inspection procedures are equally vital for leak prevention. Conducting regular checks, routine inspections, and proactive maintenance efforts aid in early detection of potential weaknesses, thereby lowering the risk of leaks. By maintaining your drainage system effectively, you can avoid inconvenience and unnecessary expenses over time.

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