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Making claims more sustainable


Making claims more sustainable 

Sustainability in the insurance arena is becoming even more critical, as the size of losses continue to grow and with many perils such as escape of water damage (EOW), becoming more frequent.

As claims continue to rise, the impact on the environment is huge and cannot be underestimated.

Insurers have pledged to fund environmentally friendly projects and commit to greener solutions.  These policies will of course help the damage to the environment, however there are simpler changes that can take place relatively quickly and easily with minimum cost.

Here Chris Edwards, managing director at DASA explains.

Repair over replace

Property claims can create many tonnes of waste every year.  Following an insurance claim, such as escape of water or fire, many items will be sent straight to landfill.  This approach is incredibly outdated and something that DASA and many others in the industry are very passionate about changing.

Many insurers do not understand just how many items are completely repairable following an insurance claim.  A repair over replacement approach not only reduces the impact on landfill, but carbon emissions are also greatly reduced through the lessened need of manufacturing, transport, and the energy required.

With the industry under more and more pressure to reduce its carbon footprint and visibly show its commitment to the environment, a ‘repair first, replace last’ is a quick win!

Other initiatives

There are many other initiatives that the industry can introduce, such as providing more sustainable systems, and sourcing eco-friendly materials.

At DASA we’ve looked at drainage systems that align with natural water processes and making urban drainage systems more compatible with components of the natural water cycle.

We have also adopted eco-friendly, biodegradable and sustainably sourced materials.  New products are continually being launched to assist with the cleaning and drying of properties following a claim. This is a quick and easy way to build sustainability into the process.

Working in collaboration with other companies to promote the benefits of sustainability is also important, educating each other and working together for the greater good.   At DASA we work closely with bodies such as the BDMA to educate the industry on more sustainable approaches.

Policyholders are more aware of their environmental impact

There is a greater need and demand for the world as a whole, to create more sustainable practices.  Customers are becoming increasingly aware and interested, in fact one third of consumers are more likely to buy a brand if they have ethical practices in place.

We believe that by adopting a more sustainable approach to the management of claims, insurers will attract and retain customers who are more than ever more aware of the impact that we have on the earth in addition to saving the planet.