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Our response to coronavirus

Our response to coronvirus

The last few weeks have been a very testing time for us all.  The Covid-19 virus has had a huge impact on pretty much every aspect of everyday life. From grocery shopping, socialising, and working patterns.

DASA has been working with the insurance industry since 1982 providing drainage, mains water and off mains solutions to services to some of the UK’s biggest insurance companies and their customers.  Our commitment and investment in technology and working practices has ensured that we can carry on during this crisis.

We are 100% committed to assisting customers during the current pandemic, unfortunately, the pandemic does not stop customers experiencing issues with their drains or water supply – far from it.  DASA are essentially key workers and we are still responding in the same way as we were before the global crisis.

There are undoubtedly some challenges around supply of materials, hotel accommodation and working at a customer’s property given the social distancing rules but we are managing. How are we doing this whilst ensuring we adhere to government guidelines?

Metrix – Our Customer Management System

DASA has its own bespoke claims management system, unique and innovative this constantly evolving system is tailored to our needs and has become vital in the management of our customers’ journey.

During the coronavirus outbreak, Metrix has allowed us to flex bookings and engineer movements to maximise engineer and customer availability. It allows us to plan in terms of materials that are required for the job, which is crucial given the challenges of supply at the moment. It also gives everyone involved in the process complete transparency as to what is happening and when and ensures that the communication between all parties is simple.

Self-Survey Application

In 2018, DASA year launched its Self-Survey tool through the Metrix system.  The tool enables customers to file details of their claim directly to us and can make a decision on the action that needs to be taken within minutes of the customer sending the photos through. This limits the number of visits we need to make and makes compliance with social distancing rules much easier to follow.

Video Technology

We have invested heavily in video technology. The technology facilitates live, secure and recorded video calls between field and head office, as well as integrating advanced workflow and reporting features into Metrix.  This enables our review engineers to make a decision on the claim on our first visit, often whilst the engineers are still on site.

Our Supply Chain

Our unique partnerships with local merchants throughout the UK have ensured that we have not been affected by the closures of some of the large national suppliers.  All our partners in the supply chain have been operating under government guidelines and have enabled us to get the supply’s we need to repair customers’ homes.

Our Field Engineers

The safety of our teams on the ground and that of our network of suppliers is key.  All engineers are equipped with sanitiser, soap and PPE and continue to work in a manner that not only allows them to feel confident they are minimising any risk to themselves, but also the risk to customers. Asking the right questions when we first review the claim and again prior to any site visit means that customers can feel comfortable with work proceeding at their property.

For further details please contact operations director Andrew Greatorex