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Preventing escape of water claims

Preventing escape of water claims during lockdown


With the country currently in lockdown, we are very aware that memories of one of the worst winters in history are very much in the past for many of us.  However, for those whose homes were severely damaged or destroyed in the winter disasters of storm Ciara and Dennis, lockdown is a constant reminder of what happened to them as they are forced to stay indoors in their severely damaged home. 

With the recent warm weather, the chances of another flood amid the current country lock down is unlikely, however escape of water claims in the home are still continuing.

Although we have not had a severe flood over the past few months, escape of water incidents are still occurring in homes across the country, throughout this pandemic. This is particularly prevalent as more people are currently at home, systems are being used further and many have taken to a spot of DIY while they have more time on their hands, this is obviously leading to escape of water issues.

Chris Edwards, commercial director at DASA comments: “At DASA, we have had to adapt to this very new way of working whilst adhering to government restrictions.  An escape of water still needs to be found and the damage it may have caused repaired.

“We are still responding to mains water claims leaks despite the UK wide lockdown.

“Customers can be reluctant to let our engineers in their property but unfortunately, these types of claims do not disappear just because the country is battling a pandemic.

“It is important that we are able to support our insurance clients and customers in every way we can during this time, and we have taken steps to ensure customers feel comfortable.

It is expected that when restrictions are eased, claims will increase in the wake of the damage caused during the lock down and damage that occurred prior to the lockdown as a result of storms Ciara and Dennis.  Covid-19 has led to some delays but the damage will still be there, and the property will still need to be repaired.

Chris adds: “We introduced an internal works solution to our service offering a number of years ago.  We offer a complete turnkey solution which means we can find, fix and make good any damage to the property without the need for multiple trades on site. This has measurable and positive impact on lifecyle, cost and customer satisfaction.

For further details on our service please contact the #DASAtothrescue team or email Chris directly