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Smelly Drains Outside – How To Get Rid of Problematic Drains

Dealing with smelly drains outside can be very unpleasant for everyone nearby, especially if the odour begins to permeate throughout your home. There are various ways to fix smelly drains and get rid of the problem for good.

What can cause drains to start smelling?


Despite drains having the function of getting rid of wastewater, they should not smell. If your drainage system smells then this is a sign that there could be a few potential problems going on. When outside drains begin to smell, that is the tell-tale sign to contact a drainage specialist.

Smells can stem from something as simple as a blockage from things such as wet wipes or other items. However, unpleasant smells can be signs of a bigger issue within the external or internal pipes.

How can DASA fix smelly drains outside?

When diagnosing a smelly drain outside, engineers at DASA may use different methods. One of the most common methods is through a CCTV drain survey. The CCTV drain survey will be able to view the whole drainage system and find any blockages, cracks, leaks or collapses and whereabouts they are located on the property.

Once the CCTV drain survey has been completed, one of our engineers will be able to fix the issue with the drain, if possible and then you will begin to notice the smell begin to leave the premises. If the damage is extensive, an engineer will suggest drainage excavation and for new drains to be installed. Unfortunately, this can be a costly and lengthy process but it will need to be done to avoid further issues and expense.

Smelly washing machine drains

Washing machine drains are often the most common drain which causes bad odours after a while. Factors such as thick washing detergents can create a build-up and when it is combined with soil released from clothing, this can result in foul odours in the drains. If you think that this is what is making your drain smell, using hot water on a standard wash cycle can work before needing to contact a professional. If it doesn’t resolve itself after this, contact one of our engineers who are trained in complex drainage systems.


How to fix smelly drains at home

Although we recommend getting a professional out to fix smelly drains, we understand how it can start to get annoying. To fix a smelling drain, you can use a combination of hot water, baking soda, vinegar and lemon to run through the drain to get rid of the smell.

If home remedies do not work, DASA can help. Drainage systems can be quite complex and you do not want to damage your drains further by trying too many things. Our engineers have years of knowledge and experience in CCTV drain surveys, drainage excavation and many more drainage services. Contact one of our experts today.