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What is the cost to empty septic tanks

What is the cost to empty septic tanks?


There are a few varying factors which can affect the cost to empty a septic tank. Depending on the size of your septic tank the price can be anywhere between £150 to £500. Of course, the size of your septic tank will also make a difference to the time which the service takes to do.


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How long and how much does it cost per size of septic tank?


Septic tanks can cost anywhere between £150 – £500 up to 1000 gallons. Most tanks do not exceed that capacity.

*These prices can vary depending on the service provider and you should bear in mind that these prices will be the call out and emptying cost. If you need a septic tank repair or conversion, these services would be additional costs.


What else affects the cost to empty septic tanks?


The type of tank: If you have a simple septic tank with just a single chamber, this will often be cheaper to clean than multi-chamber tanks.

Ease of access: If your septic tank is easy to access, this will often mean that the cost will be kept low. However, if you live in a rural area away from main sewage systems, this is when the cost may change. Unfortunately with some properties, some septic tanks can be much harder to get to than others and this affects the cost.

Your location: Your location can have an impact on the cost of services, due to higher living costs in cities like London, compared to smaller towns and villages, and northern parts of the UK.


How can you tell if your septic tank needs to be emptied?

Some tell tale signs of your septic tank needing to be emptied can be common issues such as drainage problems. These drainage problems can be anything from a slow flushing toilet, to shower and bath or sinks draining slowly, a foul smell near the septic tank, and flooding of water forming around the tank.

If you are experiencing any of these issues, your septic tank may be in need of emptying. It should not be left if you think that there are issues. If you are not completely sure, and would like some advice, get in touch with a member of specialist staff today and they will be happy to put you in touch with a local engineer. DASA has a fully trained and experienced team of engineers which can fix your drainage problems quickly and effectively.

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